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Trico Soleil Premier PVC Water Hose


Mercurio Yellow PVC Layflat 6 Bar



Blue PVC layflat hose complete with Bauer type couplings and Mikalor clamps

  • Pre-fitted hose assembly with Bauer type hose couplings secured with Mikalor bolt drive clamps. Female Bauer with o-ring and male Bauer with lever lock
  • Easy connect and disconnect operated with a lever
  • Easy storage 
  • 4 bar working pressure
  • Ideal for irrigation, sprinkler systems and drainage
  • Can be coupled together with other lengths of hose to make a long run

Hose: Blue PVC Layflat Hose

Couplings: Bauer Couplings

Availability: In stock

Specification Sheet:

SKU ID - Inch ID - mm Coil Length - Mtr
RBL300-051006M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 6
RBL300-051010M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 10
RBL300-051015M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 15
RBL300-051020M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 20
RBL300-051025M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 25
RBL300-051050M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 50
RBL300-051100M-4B-BLUE-F2MFLL 2 51 100
RBL300-076006M-4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 6
RBL300-076010M- 4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 10
RBL300-076015M-4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 15
RBL300-076020M-4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 20
RBL300-076025M-4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 25
RBL300-076050M-4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 50
RBL300-076100M-4B-BLUE-F312MFLL 3 76 100
RBL300-102006M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 6
RBL300-102010M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 10
RBL300-102015M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 15
RBL300-102020M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 20
RBL300-102025M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 25
RBL300-102050M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 50
RBL300-102100M-4B-BLUE-F4MFLL 4 102 100
RBL300-152006M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 6
RBL300-152010M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 10
RBL300-152015M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 15
RBL300-152020M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 20
RBL300-152025M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 25
RBL300-152050M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 50
RBL300-152100M-4B-BLUE-F6MFLL 6 152 100

Blue PVC Layflat Hose Assembly With Bauer Type Couplings

Mercurio blue 4 bar PVC layflat hose assembly complete with male/female Bauer type hose fittings is a blue, lightweight and flexible PVC Layflat hose with polyester yarn reinforcement. It is ideally suited to the open-ended discharge of liquids under pressure. This hose assembly is an ideal hose for drainage, water supply, irrigation and sprinkler systems in the pumping and construction industries. It can also be used for chemical transfer such as liquid fertilisers and other agricultural chemicals & comes fully fitted with Male & Female Bauer type couplings secured with Mikalor clamps as standard. Mercurio Blue PVC Layflat has a working temperature range between -5°C and +60°C.

The fitted lengths indicated below are just a small selection of our popular assemblies. However, we have the ability to make any length you require from 1Mtr upto a max of 100Mtrs. Not only can your assemby be fitted with Male/Female couplings, but with a choice of Female/Female, Male/Male, Female one end only or Male One end only. Therefore, If your required length or combination of coupling choice is not listed then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Rubberlast stock and supply a vast range of flexible hose for all applications and industries. Click here to see our full range of flexible hose.

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