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Rubberlast have over 75 years experience in the industry of gaskets and seals. In that time we have amassed an unrivalled knowledge in the conversion of sheet materials into bespoke and standard gaskets and we are a trusted supplier of many multinational organisations. We service a vast array of industries and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers to find solutions to even the most niche applications.

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets are widely used across a variety of industries and are underappreciated but vital to thousands of machines, processes and household appliances. Rubber gaskets seal our refrigerator doors, they are needed to put fuel in our vehicles, and they are vital in running water. Gaskets create a seal between two faces, they fill the microscopic gaps and imperfections to create a seal designed to hold liquids and gases. Engineers design equipment with moving parts also need rubber parts to protect them. We have extensive selection of sheet materials for you to choose from.

Sponge Gaskets

Foam and sponge gasket materials are versatile solutions that provide superior barrier and bonding capabilities for a wide range of products and applications. Open cell foam gaskets are primarily used for shock or vibration applications. Closed cell sponge gaskets are used primarily for environmental seals where the material would be exposed to challenging outdoor conditions such as sunlight, dust, cold and moisture. Silicone sponge is a high performance material that provides excellent electrical insulation, has excellent flame retardant properties and is able to operate at very high temperatures.

Non-Rubber Gaskets

Rubberlast has a wide selection of non-rubber materials available for conversion into bespoke gaskets. Materials such as: nitrile or resin bonded cork, polyurethane, PVC, Novus, PTFE and Nylon to name just a few. Materials such as cork are very popular as they make relatively cheap gaskets that offer excellent compression characteristics, making them ideal for impact absorption, vibration reduction and sound reduction. Materials such as PTFE are renowned for their resistance to highly caustic, highly volatile liquids and gases. PTFE sees extensive use in the pharmaceutical and chemical production industries. Novus is a material that is popular due it’s excellent thermal resistance properties. It is able to operate in very high or very low temperature applications without perishing or disintegrating.

Flange Gaskets

Flange gaskets are used to create a seal between two flange faces, at various operating conditions, with varied pressure and temperature ratings. A gasket fills the microscopic spaces and irregularities between flange faces, forming a seal that is designed to keep liquids and gases. Click here to see our flange gasket sizing tables *link resources page*.