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Rubberlast are leading suppliers of a range of lightweight, flexible and easy to handle composite hoses which are designed for the suction and discharge of a wide range of chemicals, fuels, oils, acids and alkalis. The vast majority of these assemblies are electrically conductive and can be used for road or rail tanker loading and off loading, in plant applications, vapour return & recovery, ship to shore & chemical transfer where a robust flexible hose is required with a proven safety record. Our composite hose construction is unique in consisting of many spirally wrapped plies of thermoplastic fabrics and films held together by internal and external wire helices. The fabric outer wire provides most of the longtitudinal and radial strength of the hose and the films prevent the contents from escaping. This type of hose is not vulcanised or bonded like rubber hose, so the integrity of the hose is maintained by the tension of the interlocking inner and outer wire helices. This method of construction makes the wall of the hose highly corrugated which imparts a high degree of flexability but also allows elongation under pressure to be quite high compared to most rubber hoses. All our range of composite hoses can all be fitted with a choice of end terminations ranging from Lug type, Hexagon male threads, Camlocks, flanges and many more which can be manufactured from M/Steel, St/St, Brass & polyproylene materials. Rubberlast’s combination of composite hose assemblies is so diverse in its diameter, length, application and end termination choices. That we would ask if you require any details or further information or a quick quote then please feel free to contact with your full requirements and we will work with you to offer a a hose assmebly that best suits your application.