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Custom Built Rubber Hose

Rubberlast are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of custom built rubber hoses, which are designed for a wide range of applications in the food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and material handling industries that require higher performance than a standard off the shelf product.

Having the ability to manufacture these rubber hoses with outer covers in a range of colours & compounds that are more suited to there environments in either smooth, semi or square corruagted styles giving greater flexability for applications were tight bend radius, limited space or ease of handling is required.

Combined with the choice of end terminations such as standard coil end, soft straight or soft enlarged cuffs that allow for the ease of fitting your hose couplings. Or built-in flanges to your specific requirements.

Plus having your hose built with or without textile plies, wire helix or steel braided reinforcements and inner tubes designed to handle better your media conveyed makes us an ideal choice for your specialized mandrel built rubber hose requirements.

Rubberlast’s combination of specialized mandrel built rubber hoses is so diverse in its diameter, length, application and end termination choices. That we would ask if you require any details or further information or a quote then please feel free to contact us at with your full requirements and we will work with you to offer a hose solution that best suits your application.