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Bespoke Profiles

Rubberlast are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rubber, sponge and co-extruded push-fit or self grip bespoke extruded profiles. Manufactured mainly from SBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, PVC, Polyurethane, Silicone and the added option of being able to combine two compounds together to form a sponge to rubber bonded co-extruded profile in a variety of shore hardness’s and colours. Which makes these a very popular choice when finishing products such as furnishings, equipment and decorative trimming as well as sealing and controlling noise and vibration is required. With so many different applications for these profiles, no one size fits all so we have the ability to produce those custom made extrusions for even the most demanding of projects with no compromise to quality or cost.

Our capabilities allow us to design any tooling required from your samples or designated drawings by using the latest cad software we can produce these tools in one of our many workshops. With over 30 years of experience in producing bespoke extrusion, we have the confidence to offer our customers old or new a compound choice that we believe is the best suited for their individual application. Alternatively, we can work strictly to your requested compound choice satisfying all international or bespoke specifications you may require. We work tirelessly to short lead times and to the tightest E1 Industry standards on most of our products. Having the added benefit of access to autoclave curing, microwave, salt baths, plastics and silicone extrusion processes it enables us to be competitive on small batch runs as well as hundreds or thousands of meter runs.

Our versatile production process allows us to produce either an initial sample for approval so that you can be certain your order will be fit for function when the bulk order arrives. Or we can just run full production runs in set coils, straight cured lengths or shorter lengths depending on your requirements. Rubberlast’s bespoke extrusion division is so diverse in its range of styles, colours, fitment type and design. That we would we would ask if you require any details or further information or a quote then please feel free to contact with your full requirements and we will work with you to offer a bespoke extrusion that best suits your application.