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Blind Grommet



Open Grommet Available in PVC or Thermoplastic Rubber

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Open Grommet

Grommets are a product designed for the protection of cables passing through a hole in a panel. They see extensive use across industries including, but not limited to: automotive; shipbuilding; construction; furniture manufacture; and IT hardware manufacture. They are available in a flexible PVC or thermoplastic rubber compounds from 5mm up to 76mm hole size.

How To Find The Right Grommet For You

To ensure that you have the correct grommet to suit your application, you will need three crucial measurements. Measurement A is the diameter of the hole in the panel that the grommet will be fitted onto, this is crucial to make sure it is a snug fit. Measurement B is the thickness of the panel that the grommet will be fitted onto, also crucial to ensure a snug fit. Measurement C is the diameter of the aperture in the grommet.

Manufacture and Shipping

All of our products are shipped directly to you from our warehouse in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Our products are fully quality tested by our specialist staff, ensuring that we only offer the highest quality products. Delivery is usually 3-5 working days, although this depends on product availability, lead times may vary.

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