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Rubber U Channels are manufactured from a handful of premium quality EPDM, PVC & Sponge Rubber compounds that provide an ideal level of protection against common industrial and commercial uses including Heat, Acid, Oil and Weathering and are a versatile choice of edging strip. These 'U' type channels have the ability to cover a larger panel thickness than their square channel counterparts which enable them to be used inside many applications and come in many different styles, panel thicknesses and lengths. If you do not see the correct channel to suit your needs, please email and we will work with you to provide a fitting solution for your problem.

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  1. RBL802-0001AB
    BRS 1A Black EPDM Rubber U Channel
  2. RBL802-0001AW
    BRS 1A White PVC Rubber U-Channel
  3. RBL802-0001B
    BRS 1B Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  4. RBL802-0002
    RBL802-0002 Black EPDM Rubber U Channel
  5. RBL802-1449
    BRS 1449 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  6. RBL802-1490
    BRS 1490 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  7. RBL802-0004
    BRS 4 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  8. RBL802-0048
    BRS 48 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  9. RBL802-0049
    BRS 49 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  10. RBL802-0913
    BRS 913 Black Rubber EPDM U-Channel
  11. RBL802-1217
    BRS 1217 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
  12. RBL802-1606
    BRS 1606 Black EPDM Rubber U-Channel
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