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Rubberlast offers a wide range of Solid Rubber & Sponge Cords manufactured in Nitrile, EPDM and Silicone compounds in a range of colours and shore hardness’s that vary in diameters from 2mm through to 50mm. Solid and Sponge Rubber Cords are used for a wide variety of applications in a wide range of industries. They see extensive use in the movie set and hobby craft industries as they are pliable, easily cut to length and some have excellent resistance to oil based paints, adhesives and chemicals. They also see use as: lid gaskets; slip joints; O-Rings; glazing fillers; and hole plugs in industries such as: automotive; aerospace; shipbuilding; construction; manufacturing; and fabrication. They each have their unique attributes. Nitrile has excellent resistance to oils, paints, chemicals and fuels. EPDM exhibits excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, UV light, ageing and chemicals. Silicone has exceptional thermal stability and remains unaltered at very low and very high temperatures, great resistance to UV light, weathering, ageing and ozone and good resistance to chemicals and fuels. Click here to see our full range of rubber extrusions and mouldings.

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