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3 Square Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat



Bubble Top Rubber Floor Mat with Bevelled Edges

Small: 900mm x 600mm x 13mm

Large: 1200mm x 900mm x 13mm

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Bubble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat

Our bubble top rubber matting provide both an anti-slip and anti-fatigue flooring solution. Made from a high quality natural rubber blend which provides a heavy weight floor mat with exceptional wear resistance and a very long service life. This matting is the perfect product for work stations that require you to be stood up for long periods of time.

The bubble pattern on the top face increases surface area and provides a grippy, slip resistant surface that is soft enough to provide comfort and ward off the effects of standing for extended periods of time. This product sees extensive use as warehouse floor matting for packing stations, machinery operation areas or behind tills and pay stations in the retail and service industries.

Product Dimensions: S - 900mm x 600mm x 13mm / - 1200mm x 900mm x 13mm

Style: Bubble top with bevelled edges

Polymer Content: Natural rubber (NR) blend

Cleaning: Brushing, lukewarm water, power washing

** DO NOT use hot water or steam to clean this product **

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