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Polyurethane Rubber

Polyurethane, often abbreviated to PU or PUR is a polymer that exists in various forms. It can be tailored to either rigid or flexible, and is the material of choice for a broad range of applications. The global consumption of polyurethane is thought to be around 15 million tons per annum; this equates to around US$75 billion worth of trade.


Our polyurethane is an extremely hard wearing material with exceptional resistance to damage by abrasion, tearing and cutting. It is an extremely stretchy material and has very good compression recovery under load. PU foam is renowned for its excellent compression recovery, sound dampening, thermal insulation, and structural properties.


Solid PU has a wide range of common applications across a wide variety of industries. PU is commonly used in the automotive industry as bushes for suspension and vibration reduction. In its softer format it is used heavily in the fashion industry as soles for shoes due to its resistance to abrasion. In its more rigid format, PU can be seen in the acoustics industry, mostly as tips for piano hammers. PU foam is used as insulation, as packing for the walls of refrigerators as it has exceptional thermal insulation properties. It is also used in domestic applications such as foams for sofas and other soft furnishings. It is also widely known as the main ingredient of memory foam.

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